Company background

RWExtras was the brainchild of Mauricio Sabene; who started RWExtras several years ago. He build-up a large collection of mainly gallery and typographic stack addons for RapidWeaver.

The company was taken over by Jonathan Head of Nimblehost Software in January 2015; who oversaw customer support of the addon inventory and continued to host the old RWExtras website.

More recently, RWExtras has been acquired by Will Woodgate in August 2016. Will has been working in RapidWeaver since 2005 and already operates the highly successful ThemeFlood and Stacks4Stacks websites.

Going forward

Since the acquisition of RWExtras in August 2016, we have tested and sorted all the previous stacks that were available. Some of the older stacks that could not be updated have been discontinued (for example, stacks that were not responsive and which depended on plugins or frameworks that are no longer developed).

Some of the better stacks have been updated and re-listed on the website. And all of the former WeaverPix themes hosted on ThemeFlood have been converted into Stacks and are now hosted here on RWExtras. We have also introduced several brand new stack elements, which have never been available before.

The 'RWExtras' brand will be retained. This website will form part of our 'North American' business operations. The longterm plan is to use RWExtras as the basis for developing a range of extremely simple, low-support demand stack elements for novice RapidWeaver users; with particular emphasis on self-explanatory setup and simple functionality.


The free update window formally closed on 1st January 2019. After this date, any updated addons you require will need to be purchased from this website at their normal cost. Discounted or free updates are no longer available.

About this website

This website is built using RapidWeaver 7 and the Flourish theme by ThemeFlood. The Yourhead Software Stacks 3 plugin is used for each page. The checkout is powered using Paddle and the free PaddleBoard stack. A couple of the live demo's on this website are enhanced with free stacks like Shady and UsefulStack, which are well-worth downloading!
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