Where's the user guide?

Due to the constantly-evolving nature of our stacks, we no longer provide PDF user guides. We've instead focused on making our stacks much simpler, self-explanatory and more understandable for you to use. When you've installed a stack and added it to your Stacks page, you will often be presented with a basic set of instructions, in edit mode. These note important details about how to use the stack. Additionally if you roll your mouse cursor over any of the stack settings, small informational tooltips are displayed. If you still have any questions, please get in contact via email or ask on the RapidWeaver forums.

What are the system requirements?

All stacks distributed by RWExtras require a minimum of RapidWeaver 6 and Stacks 3. They will not install or correctly function with older versions. Additionally these stacks cannot be used in other publishing platforms (like Drupal or Wordpress); they are exclusively for use solely within RapidWeaver. It's essential that you fully evaluate the free demo versions provided, before committing to a purchase. We are unable to accept returns or refunds for digital downloads.

How do I install new stacks?

New stacks are downloaded in the format of a compressed .zip file, onto your computer. It normally downloads to your desktop or dedicated downloads folder in Finder. If your computer does not automatically uncompress the file, simply double-click on it. You should then be presented with a file ending in a .stack extension, which has a yellow 'lego brick' icon. Drag-and-drop this file onto the RapidWeaver icon in your dock (at the bottom of the screen). You'll then be guided through the installation process. If for any reason installation of the stack fails, please try reinstalling the Stacks plugin or raise a support case with Yourhead Software (the developer of the Stacks plugin).

What are the restrictions imposed on free demo versions?

The stack will often be watermarked 'free demo version' or similar. It's typically set to hide itself 60 seconds after the page is loaded or reloaded. Automatic updates are disabled in free demo versions; meaning that you will not get notification of newer versions, when something changes. If you're happy with the stack, please purchase a copy from this website. The web store is open 24/7. All settings and content will be preserved, upon installing the full version of the stack. You can always download the latest version of the stack and VAT receipts from your secure Paddle Locker.

Things to remember when getting in contact...

If requesting technical support, please include a link for us to download your RapidWeaver project file or a link to your published test page. Viewing a live page allows us to run detailed diagnostic tests to identify problems (and either fix or offer workaround solutions). Emails lacking sufficient details will ultimately take far longer to gain a positive outcome. Attachments larger than 5MB can be safely compressed as .zip files and sent via Dropbox or a similar free service (large attachments on emails may otherwise get blocked).

We welcome feedback and feature requests. Please continue to forward your feedback. Bugs will receive priority attention and "nice to have" features will be ranked on feasibility / usefulness. An effort is made to update stacks with new features we feel are of value to the majority of users.

Most emails get tend to get a response in under 12 hours, Monday to Friday. Support is handled from our UK office. Things may be slightly slower at weekends, during public holidays and during busy periods, so please send a message just once and await patently for a reply.