Our ethos is the development of simple, useful stacks that are always quick and easy for you to use. Therefore we purposefully do not provide extensive user guides or detailed documentation. Most stacks should be self-explanatory to install and setup, if you already have a basic understanding of Stacks 3 and RapidWeaver. Many of our stacks present simple instructions in edit mode and all settings display informational tooltips when you mouseover them.

If you have general questions, please make use of the RapidWeaver forums first. There are lots of people on the forums who are familiar with the Stacks plugin and many of the stacks available from RWExtras.

For complicated questions, feature requests and bug reports, you can get in contact by email.

On average, we aim to respond to most messages in less-than 48 hours. Paid consulting is available for more complicated cases; plus we also have expert services available for development of custom stacks and stack modifications.
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