We'll be back soon, bigger and better than before!

RWExtras has been acquired by Will Woodgate. We're in the process of overhauling the RWExtras website and updating some of the former stacks that were available here. Several new stacks are also going to be added to the collection.

So what's the game plan with RWExtras? We we already operate the Stacks4Stacks and seyDesign websites, which both offer a broad choice of free and paid stack elements. RWExtras is going to specialise in simple and beautiful stack elements ideally suited towards novice RapidWeaver users. Think along the lines of simple image sliders, galleries, font stacks and other useful stacks to help you make the most of RapidWeaver. Seamless compatibility will be offered with themes by all major developers and different frameworks (like Bootstrap, Foundation and UIKit).

If you have questions about any of the stacks previously available here, please contact Will by email here. You can also reach-out via Ask.fm, Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.

Ideas for new stacks? We'd love to hear them!