Anchor Point - FREE

This little stack can be used to to split larger webpages up into linkable sections or chapters. By assigning your own anchor names, you can create links or buttons that will link your website users to specific parts of the page. Anchor Point is dead-simple to use and very much a stack you can use time and time again across all your projects.

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Background Stretcher -

Not only can this stack stretch a single static image to fill your page body background, but it offers a wide choice of other background sizing and positioning options. Compatible with most conventional RapidWeaver themes that have a visible body background.

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Back To Top -

A wonderfully customisable stack for creating those commonly-seen 'back to top' buttons you frequently see on websites. More style and colour options than any other similar stacks available! Compatible with most themes. Really simple to use.

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CSV To Table -

This powerful stack effortlessly converts CSV or TSV spreadsheet data files into responsive tables. Great to use if you have big datasets that need to be presented as tables on your website.

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Exit Intent -

Our aptly named 'Exit Intent' stack is designed to work on laptop and desktop computers. It's purpose is to display a simple popup message if the website visitor moves their mouse cursor onto the web browser toolbar. A safe and user-friendly stack with a multitude of possible uses.

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EZ Flex Button -

A simple button stack, granting you an unlimited choice of button colors and sizing. Unlike some other solutions, EZ Flex Button uses no graphics; meaning that your buttons load instantly and remain pin-sharp on all display resolutions. This is the future of button creation.

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Font Awesome -

The orgional and best Font Awesome stack for RapidWeaver! This stack lets you quickly and easily place retina-display optimised Font Awesome icons in your website. Various style options make this stack simple to use, without needing complicated code.

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Font Resizer Ultimate -

This stack lets your website users click buttons to instantly increase or decrease the font size of text within specific parts of the page. An extremely valuable stack for use on text-heavy websites and for improving your website accessibility.

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Full Screen Slider -

Similar to the Background Stretcher stack, except this stack is purpose-made for displaying multiple background images in the form of a slider. Optional support for navigation arrows, pagination bullets and caption content make this a useful stack to use in themes with a visible body background or on blank pages.

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Gutenberg -

Use Gutenberg to create newspaper-style columns of content. Gutenberg can use styled text, HTML code or Markdown and convert it into beautiful equal-height fluid and mobile-first responsive columns. This stack only uses CSS and HTML, which means you're assured of faster loading pages.

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Layerz -

This interesting stack starts with a base layer (like an image). You can then add and position additional layers. The Layerz stack is ideal to use for captioning of images, together with more complex tasks like the setup of attractive banners or call-to-action units. Basically anywhere where you need to layer something over something else.

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Line Graph -

This stack does as the name suggests and generates semi-responsive line graphs from CSV spreadsheet files. Line Graph is perfect for automatically converting large datasets into powerful, colourful, interactive line graphs; which can be viewed on all major web browsers and devices.

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Liquid Gallery -

Ideal for novice RapidWeaver users, this simple slideshow stack lets you quickly build and deploy image sliders that feature gorgeous animation effects between images. There is no limit imposed on the number of images you can use. Images can either be dragged and dropped directly into the stack or you can link to warehoused images stored online. Liquid Slider flexes to fit any space and includes all the basic settings you would expect to find in a modern slider.

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List Builder -

A simple yet very useful stack for generating ordered or unordered lists in webpages. Lots of style and color options make it easy to create attractive lists that will work in just about all RapidWeaver themes.

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Live Thumb -

Uses a combination of iFrames and clever CSS techniques to generate miniaturized live thumbnails of webpages. A really useful stack for displaying snapshots of websites within your content or for building a grid gallery of thumbnails. Each Live Thumb stack acts as a link to the destination page.

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Master Gallery -

A very easy-to-use stack with a bare-minimum of settings. Master Gallery can use images dropped into RapidWeaver or images stored in an online (warehoused) location. The end result is a professional-grade responsive image gallery; combining carousel thumbnail navigation with an image slider and captions.

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Photo Box -

A super-simple and efficient stack for quickly creating a responsive grid of thumbnail images. Clicking a thumbnail image reveals a full-sized version inside an attractive lightbox gallery. Optional titles and captions let you present a little summary about each image; thereby making Photo Box perfect for website portfolios and other uses.

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Scatter Mosaic -

A fun way to display several images. Scatter Mosaic takes a set of images and randomly scatters them like Polaroid pictures on a table. Users can click or tap on bullet points to re-scatter the images and bring another one into focus. Images can be set as links, so Scatter Mosaic could potentially be used to create a really interesting form of website navigation.

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Slick Slider -

Fast, responsive and infinitely customisable. Quite possibly the most advanced carousel-style image slider available on the market for RapidWeaver. Slick Slider is built on the popular opensource Slick plugin, branded as being "the last carousel you'll ever need"!

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Create secretive links in your webpages that only activate when a user clicks (or touches) and holds an element for a predetermined lenght of time (e.g. 4 seconds). Perfect for hidden webpages, private contact forms or links to login pages etc. Very easy to configure.

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Super Tooltips -

Another stack for generating interactive tooltips on links. However this tooltip stack intelligently positions tooltips for optimal viewing. A choice of 6 ready-made themes let you create stylish tooltips that look an integral part of your website.

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Table Builder -

Let our Table Builder stack take the stress and frustration out of building tables on your website! This modern stack is one of the best table stacks on the market for RapidWeaver; simple to use, flexible and highly customisable. Zero code required. Perfect for smaller tables less-than 15 columns wide.

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Thumb Grid -

This simple stack generates a uniform, responsive grid of linked thumbnail images that are retina display optimized. Ideal for use in instances where the images you intend to use are all the same size and shape. Thumb Grid has a multitude of potential uses, including displaying sets of icons or creating a simple image gallery.

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Time Line -

An innovative method for displaying a series of items and associated caption content 'pinned' onto a time line. This stack is perfect for simple infographics, story boards, instruction manuals and journals.

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Wall -

This stack will help you build a Pinterest-style grid of thumbnail images that can be set as links to resources, webpages or external websites. This particular masonry stack opts to use a robust pure CSS / HTML framework (no Javascript) and includes basic settings to help you create a very stylish image layout that wouldn't look out of place in any modern website.

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X Slider -

Simple yet highly effective; our X Slider stack creates a block of horizontally-scrolling images and caption content. A really interesting way to create interactive galleries, showcases and portfolios that require less webpage space. Accepts images of mixed sizes and shapes. X Slider allows the end user to browse at their own pace.

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Zoomy - FREE

A beautifully simple stack for adding 'zoom' magnifications to images. Zoomy is a great way to add magnification to images; without needing to depend on links opening in new windows or popups. Magnification can be triggered on mouseover, grab or click. Plus there are a couple of other useful options available in this stack.

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